I bought a little 3″ x 5″ sketch book for two bucks a couple months before I got a job, back when I was scraping by on whatever I made from my art. It was kind of an exchange:  spend money on art supplies, have no money for food.  $2 goes a long way when rice and beans are 90% of what you eat.  I remember standing in the art store, looking at the little sketch book and thinking, “should I really buy this?”

Regardless of the sacrifice (really, $2 is a big deal sometimes), it has been the best $2 I think I ever spent.
Lots of drawings have come out of the little book, and there will still be more.

Now that I’m talking about drawing, I can’t stop thinking about my next one.  I really have to go draw.

Enough words, here’s a picture.

Organic Form – Fists
3″ x 5″
Pencil on Paper

Like my Organic Form drawings?  Find more of them.

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