On, Off, On, Off

I took this painting into the shed to let the spray paint dry out of the wind and rain. There is some sort of automatic lighting system in there, but it consistently malfunctions.

The light turns on, and off, and on, and off.  Immediately I came up with a laundry list of incredibly unlikely explanations, like “maybe the shed is alive, or there’s someone stuck in the wall trying to communicate with me.”

I started timing the distance between the changes, trying to find a pattern.  I always think everything is hiding a pattern somewhere.

I still haven’t found it.  The lights are off now.

Now they are on.

I should probably go unplug them.

“The Traps”
27″ x 17″
Acrylic, Spray Paint, Chalk, and Varnish
on Cabinet Board

Learn more about Laura Converse.

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