Stenciling Again

The paper for a stencil is a kind of a sad, temporary thing;
I cut it so that paint can come through.  After that, I throw it out.
I laid down the base for this painting last night, and started the stencil this evening.  Funny; two days seems like forever sometimes.  
I’m really into stencils lately.  They are extremely labor intensive – especially when you’re just using them for a one-off painting.  A stencil doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to one painting; I just do it that way.  
It feels important to me for some unknown reason that every stencil I create only be used for one art piece.
There’s probably more to it than this: I have a personal conviction not to repeat myself.  Nothing against artists along the lines of Andy Warhol or anything . . . I’m just not one of them.  Not by a long shot.

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