I’m going to try to make the jump from anonymous faces to faces of people I know for a little bit.

There are two main reasons I’ve drawn faces of people who may or may not exist.

The first is that it’s not about recognizing the person.  It’s about the expression and the light.
Light is a big deal to me.  I don’t usually think about the object I’m drawing – instead I think about the way a shadow is shaped, or the transition light makes from one point to another.

The second is that if no one knows I was drawing them, I can’t piss them off.  What if I draw the nose too long, or the cheeks chubby, or the person had a zit and I draw it anyway?

I’m ok with offending people in general indirectly.

But offending a specific someone: not so much.

So.  I indulged myself in one more anonymous portrait.

In the next couple weeks, if we have any of the same friends, you might see one of them show up… or something that looks sorta like a deranged version of them.  If you’re interested in volunteering for this dangerous mission of letting me draw your face, let me know.

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Learn more about Laura Converse here.

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